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Emilia Ramos Samper published her award-winning novel at ten years old. Read about her here.

Hello, I'm Emilia Ramos Samper!

teen author of the award-winning fantasy novel Crown of Scales and Wonder

Here, Emilia Ramos Samper is talking to the students at St. Stephen's School about her publishing journey as a young author.
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Crown of Scales and Wonder

Book 1 of The Shadow Heir Trilogy

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In a kingdom torn apart by dark magic and a million-year war, Princess Naomi Elistaire searches for answers amidst the facade of her palace imprisonment. With an irreversible gift ready to destroy her and a martyred father buried in a web of lies, who’s to say which way fate will turn?

Deep underground, Agent Ez Shores trains every day at the dragon base, waiting for the revolution, the day to kill the Queen. But as dangerous bloodlines reveal themselves and a seemingly suicidal mission is handed to him, Ez finds himself locked in the palace dungeons, facing the daughter of his worst enemy.




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